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Kythira – Kythera – Kithira Island Holidays Greece

At the crossroads of maritime routes to and from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, near the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese, located. Kythira – Kythera – Kithira is spared by the great power of mass tourism and enabling it to retain its charm and traditions.

The island consists of many small villages and settlements, which are mainly in the interior of the island. The mild climate, the varied landscape with its mountains and canyons, the olive groves, the pine trees and cypresses, the churches and monasteries and over and over again the sea with its picturesque bays and beaches enchant the visitor.

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Kythera Summer Edition 2017

Kythera Summer Edition 2017

Holidays on Kythira is a unique experience!

  • The many varied beaches with crystal clear water.
  • The hiking trails lead you through a versatile nature.
  • The beautiful varied landscape captures you in its spell
  • The monuments of the past reflect the history of Kythira.
  • The Greek cuisine, the food and drink created for a sensuous experience.
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