Taverns – Restaurants – Cafes – Bars

Authentic Greek cuisine, Kythira for connoisseurs

Eating and drinking, one should make the Mediterranean lifestyle as his own. Each meal is a little feast, accompanied with the sounds of the street, the sound of the sea and the lively discussions at the tables. Time seems to stand still; the meal is an experience for all senses!

The quality of food in the tavernas have a good standard. Some taverns have their own oliv oil, vegetable and wine (eg Toxotis in Livadi and Michalis in Mitata) or obtain their products from local farmers. You find fish taverns in Kapsali (Magos), Avlemonas (Sotiris) and Diakofti (Manolis). In general, you eat well everywhere on the island.

The Lovers of sweets, should definitely look at Rena’s pastry shop in Livadi. Rena’s sweets are of the best quality.

The romantic end to the day after a good meal. The small coffee houses and bars invite you to a drink. The sound of the sea and accompanied by beautiful music, will be crowning the end of the day.

Location Map of Taverns, Restaurants, Coffee Houses and Bars under construction!!!

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