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  1. Hello
    How long to discover the Ionis schedule from Kissamos to Khytira next May?

  2. Hello! I would like to know when the 2019 Kythera Summer Edition for 2019 will be released?

  3. hello I am a professional in naval and marine field I have learned about the habitability project of the island kythira my family is made up of 5 people I would like to apply to the project and contribute

  4. Hello! Looking to relocate with my daughter to the Greek island that is offering 500 euros a month to live there.
    Can I please get some information in English?
    We are Canadian citizens and it is myself and my 2 year old daughter.

    Please let me know the possibilities.

  5. Good day,
    I heard that Antikythera wants citizens and they are ready to give them accommodations and job and pay about 500 EUR. if it is right and not fake news can you advise me how to do it?

  6. I saw the article about the island paying families to move there. Do you take Canadian citizens? What other requirements are there?

  7. Hi, Al-Arabia news agency said that Antikythea needs argent population
    If this is not the case please ask al-arabia news agency to remove the fake news.

  8. It is impossible to find all the publications, worldwide, on the internet (snowball effect) and to obtain a revocation!
    Best regards

  9. Hello! Looking to relocate with my young family to the Greek island.

    Can I please get some information in English?
    We are Colombian citizens and it is myself and my 2 year old son and my wife.

    Please let me know the possibilities.

  10. Hello dear friends!

    My name is Andrew and i’m an engineer and a IT-specielist, love building new things and teach how to do it (starting from math and english lessons to IT complicated systems).
    We are willing to reallocate to your amazing island and bring our families their. We are ready to help in building a great local community and be a part of social life. We are ready to work hard to make the Island and its citizens happier.

    Will be glad to here from you and find out how our two families can help your Island and its citizens.

    Are there any chances to visit your Island and stay there for the rest of the life and help?

    Thank you.

  11. No program exists – it is a Hoax

    Statement of the Mayor of Kythira Antikythira


    On the basis of ongoing and repeated reports on alleged subsidy inhabitants for the settlement of Antikythera, the Municipality of Kythira, with a sense of responsibility, clarifies the following: The island of Antikythera, located midway between Kythira and Crete, is administratively owned by the Municipality of Kythira and suffers from great in recent decades reduction of its permanent population.

    The current permanent population of the island is not more than 25 residents, including a five-member Antikythira family of Attica, which one year ago took the difficult decision to he stayed permanently on the island, with the result that the Elementary School of Antikythera was reopened, which had been closed since the 1990s. The Municipality of Kythira in collaboration with the Holy Metropolis of Kythira and Antikythera and other public and private sector bodies have been working for almost a year, a program of mild colonization of the island, originally with 5 families, many from Athens.

    However, these thoughts remain in the planning stage as well, before of all, we have to build 5 new homes on the island, for which the process Licensing from Urban Planning and Forestry requires months, if not years the inclusion of Antikythera in the NATURA 2000 environmental protection network, but and due to the lack of delineated settlements on the island. The press releases that are constantly displayed and notified are creating a huge misinformation problem, with the result that our municipality should have answers everyday hundreds of phone calls and emails, from almost all of them Europe, and therefore causing a major malfunctioning problem for the service us.

    We therefore clarify that:

    1. No families are required to live in Antikythira. Completion of licensing procedures and erection of homes may need even 2 or 3 years.

    2. We do not subsidize new residents.

    3. We do not give land or parcels.

    We are very worried, obviously, about the devastating desolation of Antikythera, one a historic island of our country that had nearly 500 permanent residents a few decades ago residents. However, the mild settlement of the island should be done with a clear plan, without hurry and our goal is, the 5 families that will live in Antikythera, to help them get their own income, to produce products or services and thus create a new cycle of economy on the island it will not be based on a permanent allowance policy.

    At the same time, as a Municipality, we support the emblematic infrastructure of the National Athens Observatory, who chose Antikythira for the creation of the National Theater Greece’s Climate Change Observatory, through which it will permanent jobs are created.

    Finally, we expect the new political leadership of the Ministry of Culture, which will emerge in a few days, the immediate resumption of investigations in the Antikythera Shipyard, the most important ancient site wreck in the world, the investigations in which they have been under the auspices of SA since 2015. of President of the Republic.

    These two actions may, under conditions, constitute yet another mound in the desolation of the island.

    Kythira, July 5, 2019
    From the Municipality of Kythira

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